Xiaomi HIMO L2 Folding Electric Scooter


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The HIMO L2 combines an electric bike and a sports bike into one. It can use human power alone, or use electricity or power assistance alone. According to different application scenarios, the three riding modes can be switched at will.

In appearance, the HIMO L2 electric scooter is the same as Mijia products. It adopts an extremely simple shape. The 20-inch lightweight body is more suitable for the public’s body shape. The hidden small motor and lithium battery Without close observation or experience, it is difficult to tell that it is an electric bicycle, more like an urban leisure sports model.

HIMO L2 built-in high-performance 36V lithium battery can bring continuous power output, with a pure electric battery life of up to 35 kilometers, and. In addition, the effective power usage rate is as high as 85%.

The most afraid of urban commuting is the morning and evening peaks. The high-speed 350W motor equipped with HIMO L2 has a maximum speed of 25km/h for pure electricity, which can fully meet the short-distance commuting needs of white-collar workers.

All HIMO L2 series are equipped with 10inch high-quality wear-resistant tires as standard. They have excellent grip and drainage performance. Inflatable tires have low tire noise and low resistance, making long-distance riding easy and comfortable.

At present, the price of Xiaomi HIMO L2 is $769. This is an electric vehicle that meets the new international standard and has passed 3C.


Electric Bike Design

Type Electric Scooter
Display Type high-definition instrument display
Frame Material Alloy
Tire Size 10 inch super wide tire
Folded Size 1180 x 495 x 490 mm

Electric Bike Technical Parameters

Motor 350W
Riding Modes 3
Speed 25
Battery Capacity Lithium ion battery 10Ah
Mileage (depends on road and driver weight) 35
Charging Time (h) About 6 hours


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