UltraSonic Jewellery Cleaner


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UltraSonic Jewellery cleaner – Perfect For Guinness Surger Can


  • 【Timed Ultrasonic Cleaning】 Three-minute time ultrasonic cleaning technology, deep non-destructive cleaning of stains, suitable for cleaning glasses, denture, jewelry, watch, etc., easy cleaning of irregular products, and restoring the luster of objects
  • 【Non-Destructive Depth Cleaning】 The ultrasonic cavitation effect of 40000HZ produces tiny bubbles, and the blast of high-pressure bubbles produces strong impact energy, enabling the stains to peel off objects and realize non-destructive depth cleaning. Simply add water to clean it easily ( add a tiny amount of washing-up liquid for further effectiveness).
  • 【Simple Operation】 Use the micro computer touch mode. The three buttons include “OFF”, “ON” and “RESET”. The default setting is three-minute timing. The “RESET” help you to reset the cleaning time, meet your deeper cleaning needs.
  • 【Material Safety】 The ultrasonic cleaner uses the 304 foodstuffsarn stainless steel, has good corrosion resistance, heat resistance. With a generous 20 oz (600 ml) stainless steel cleaning tank; both small and large jewelry alike can be fully submerged. And delicate design of the cover reduces the noise effectively.
  • 【Notes】The Ultrasonic cleaning machine is just a substitute for manual cleaning of the surface of the object, and the dirt inside the gap is difficult to clean. there will be obvious effect to add some detergents, but for the surface of excessive oil stains (such as sweat on the surface of the glasses, oil stains) and jewelry have appeared The oxide layer is difficult to remove.