Xiaomi HIMO C30 Electric Bike


Long-Range Electric Bike

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HIMO C30 Long Range Electric Bike

Xiaomi designs this electric bike with lightweight materials to make it faster. If the electric bike faces less resistance to its weight, it can speed up better. The frame and the custom fork is corrosion-free for durability. Thus, you will have no complaints storing it for a long time. Almost all of its body uses an aluminum frame for construction. There is a torque sensor that can make HIMO C30 adapt accordingly.

The main feature of HIMO C30 is its capability to adapt according to the biker’s movement. If you are climbing uphill or going downhill, this electric bike adjusts its torque using a sensor. Thus, it uses low or high power to maintain a comfortable ride. The 250W electric motor has a speed range of 25km/h. The 36V capacity battery can provide you a ride up to 75 km of distance. When you need to charge its battery, you can remove it. It takes up to six hours to charge the battery to its full potential. The gears of this e-bike use a bipolar-variable technology for gaining speed. The C30 bike is water-resistant.

It has a built-in LCD display that showcases the range, remaining battery, and other specs. Thus, HIMO C30 is a dream bike for the biking community. You can select any of the five power outputs for climbing upward or saving battery life. Once the battery is full to its capacity, you can ride up to 75 kilometers with ease.


HIMO C30 – Specifications

Electric Bike Design

Type AL6061
Display Type Color LCD, 5 gear, one key power on/off
Brake TEKTRO brake system
Frame Material Low wind resistance unibody aluminum alloy frame
Tire Size 26″

Electric Bike Technical Parameters

Electric Bike System Vector sine wave controller, error code feedback
Motor 36V250W Rear Drive High-Speed Motor
Riding Modes 5 Gear Power-Assist
Speed 25km/h
Battery Capacity 36V
Charging Time (h) 6 hours