Xiaomi, together with Viomi, brings us a new model of robot vacuum cleaner, so that the lack of time does not prevent you from always having your house spotless. Now it has more suction power, more battery and a water tank for wet cleaning, and it keeps its great LDS laser sensor. Let’s discover it!

LDS laser navigation system
The Viomi Vacuum V3 is a smart device for home cleaning, capable of cleaning effectively on its own. It makes use of an LDS laser sensor that analyzes the area to be cleaned, generates accurate maps of the house and locates obstacles, ensuring a highly efficient sweep.

Full control with its App
You will be able to check this map in real time from your mobile phone. Choose a particular area you are interested in cleaning, click on the APP map and Viomi Vacuum V3 will clean the selected area. It’s ready to help you. You can also select areas that do not need to be cleaned. Everything is up to you.

Super suction power with 4 levels
You won’t have to worry about cleaning when receiving guests. The Viomi Vacuum V3 will leave your house clean as a whistle. Thanks to its NIDEC motor (brushless), this robot vacuum features 2600 PA suction power, a great suction power to catch all kinds of particles. However, in order not to waste battery power, it has four levels of suction, from 600 Pa to 2600 Pa, so it can be adapted to different cleaning needs.

Electric water tank: 2 in 1 cleaning
Here’s the biggest new feature of the Viomi V3: it also scrubs. Yes, that’s true. In addition to a 550 ml dust tank it also includes a 550 ml electric water tank*. Its electric function ensures the control of the speed of the water output, making it uniform and the floor is perfectly scrubbed. In addition, you will have three levels of water to adjust it to what you need.



*It is recommended to use distilled water for the water tank. Lime can clog the pipes and shorten the life of the vacuum cleaner.
High capacity battery
The Xiaomi V3 robot vacuum cleaner also features a 4900 mAh battery, a large capacity that gives us anautonomy of around 150 minutes* on a single charge. This makes the Viomi V3 ideal for homes with many square meters (250 – 300 m2) and multiple rooms.

*The working times are subject to certain parameters, such as the amount of dirt, the type of surface or the required suction power.
Auto recharge and resume
Another thing that makes the Viomi V3 a smart vacuum cleaner is its auto recharge and resume function. This way, when your Viomi Robot vacuum cleaner finishes its cleaning tasks or its battery level is low, it will automatically return to its charging dock.  If cleaning plan is not finished, the Viomi V3 remembers where it left off to go back there and continue its work after charging.

Sensors everywhere for safe cleaning
Thanks to its multiple sensors, the Xiaomi Viomi Vacuum V3 will perform a totally safe cleaning for it and your furniture. For example, using a level sensor, the Viomi V3 detects steps and prevents falls. With theLDS sensor and the anti-collision panel, it detects obstacles and avoids them. And much more!

However, small steps or unevennesses are not a problem either, as it can easily climb obstacles up to 20 mm high.