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Bike To Work Scheme - What is it?

The Bike to Work scheme aims to encourage you to cycle to and from work.
Under the initiative, your employer can buy a bicycle and safety equipment for you.

This will be a non-taxable benefit-in-kind, which means you could save up to 52% depending on your income tax rate.

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You can buy an e-bike and related safety equipment to a total value of €1500.

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What’s Included?

New bicycles and pedelecs (electrically assisted bicycles which require some effort from the cyclist).
A range of safety equipment is also covered under the scheme

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How do I get a bicycle?

You will need to ask your employer if they operate the scheme and their requirements. You choose the bike & equipment to suit your needs, up to a total value of €1500

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How do I pay?

Your employer pays us for the bike and you agree to a ‘salary sacrifice’ over a set time frame (under 12 months), i.e. you give up an agreed amount of your gross salary to cover the cost of the bicycle. 

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How often can I use it?

Once every four years. You must mainly use the bicycle and safety equipment for qualifying journeys. This means the whole or part of a journey between your home and your normal place of work.

YES, it really is that simple!

-More good news is that due to their price point, almost all of our e-bikes are eligible for the bike to work scheme.
-We are a fully authorised Bike to Work Supplier.
-All of our E-Bikes are In Stock in our shop and warehouse in Wexford.
-Same day dispatch and next day delivery.
-We offer a full Warranty on all e-bikes.
-In-house Service & Repair service to ensure that your electric bike is kept in the best running order.

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