Indicator Backpack


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Everybody wants that extra bit of safety on the road especially during the darker winter evenings. Well our indicator backpack is the perfect solution. With its wireless controller that attaches to the handlebars and LED signals that show Left, Right, Forward & Stop other road users will know exactly where and when your making a turn or slowing down.



1.Lightweight 5L capacity backpack that keeps your essentials safe, detachable LED traffic sign designed for better visibility and safety at night.

2.Control 4 signals wirelessly (Left, Right, Forward, Stop), reminding passenger and drivers to keep the distance.

3.Padded back with mesh panels enhances breathability and comfort, attach the wireless transmitter to the handlebars of your bike for easier control.

4.Adjustable chest, shoulder straps and waist straps to adapt perfectly to your body, elastic bungee cords to tighten the backpack and keep the fabrics in place.